How to Give nightmares to your Quality Team?

   With the wide spread awareness of good software development practices now a days almost all the projects have a dedicated QA team working on the product trying to find code misbehaviours. The quality of the product mostly relies on these people who can trace out the problems and make sure that the development teams fix them before the product is shipped. But in some teams where the developers are very smart and leave no traces of serious issues with the code and it is only the simple improper error message, not clear documentation kind of bugs that the QA team finds, it is not uncommon that the developers perceive the Quality Engineers as sub cateogorised Software Engineers. I was no exception to it during the initial days of my career. Whenever someone sends a mail praising the worthiness of our product the QA team sprung to action taking their role in the success, we, the development team took our stand, ofcourse jovially, stating that it is because our QA team is not able to find good bugs that we started to be extra careful and contributed to a successful product.
We all know that everbody had a role to play.

   For a development team its a challenge to write code such that QA team cannot find any bugs in it, and for the QA team its a challenge to find out issues in such a carefully written code. It is always a mutual skill development cycle. I now concede the fact that developers just cant think like QA people. It was hard for me to come to that opinion until I made good friends with our product Quality Engineers. One day I was just surfing the net and came across a site that tells about your previous life(ofcourse it was fiction) provided you give it your name and date of birth. It was so interesting and I started playing with that, mostly like finding about my past life, my friends past life, past life of some people I wanted to crack jokes on etc… after playing with it about 15 mins I pinged the url to my QA friend, just in 2 mins I got a reply back saying that its a dope, give it feb 31 and check that it gives a past life profile, so he concluded jovially that he proved this information was wrong since feb 31 never existed.
   This is not just one incident, the other time during the very initial days of Google news Beta, I was reading some news article on the google news page, I was reading this page for about 10 mins. A Quality Engineer came to me to discuss about something and he looked at the google news page and started asking me, Wow! Google has a news site too, interesting he just saw the page once and found that the date at the top right corner was some 100 years old date and the description says page is generated 50 mins ago. I was quite convinced since then that the QA people have a different kind of brain and one should never make a mistake of asking a developer to take an interview for a QA position.
   Writing about this, this question just came to my mind. How can you give nightmares your QA team? Just say to them “The new development manager seems to be too much process oriented, he asked us to introduce a bug in the code just to see if the QA team finds it, well Good Luck”.


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