Is male or female?

Inspite of that foolish question in the title, I thought of some interesting arguments. Here they go.
1.Male: Because sometime back if we wanted help on a unix box we used to call ‘man’ now we call a big man i.e.
2.Female: Because the home page looks very simple but its reach on the web is so deep like a Woman might look shallow but as they say the heart of a woman is as deep as the ocean(a dialogue from Titanic).
3.Female: Because it aims at organizing the worlds data, and traditionally thats a womans work, organize, arrange, keep home do whatever you want, certainly not a man’s work.
4.Female: Advertising too much for itself and also advertises others matters so certainly a female trait.
5.Female: Because on special occasions it decorates itself very elegantly. Did you not notice the various ways they write their name Google on the site on christmas, new year etc.
6.Female: Fairly interested in shopping, visit froogle.
Hmnnn…. thats all I can think of right now, If you find any interesting arguments please leave a comment.


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