Review Time – Hilary Mason: An Introduction to Machine Learning with Web Data

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In this video, the author works with a small group of people on a few machine learning techniques using data from the internet. It has the necessary theory about machine learning problem space initially and is more hands on with the code in later videos.

The sample code used in the class is available here.

This in python but if you understand any kind of object oriented programming, this is very easy to follow.

The class plays with delicious tags, content from nytimes API and introduces you to ways of getting sample data easily available on the internet for analysis.
As the title suggests, this is an introductory video series enough to get started with. Some machine learning algorithms and use cases for these to apply on real world data are just introduced.

At the end, it will help you understand where machine learning is applied on various internet services and will definitely create enough curiosity to study further on this topic.


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