Review Time: Strata Conference Santa Clara 2012: Complete Video Compilation from O’Reilly Media

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This conference provides the depth and breadth of the Big data domian, its problems, tools, methodologies and startup companies involved.

If you are just getting started or already played with some popular tools like R, Hadoop or cassandra then this video collection gives you a better perspective of Big Data problem space. It gives you good insights into identifying data problems and trying out few approaches using the tools presented here.

I think this is a rapidly expanding area in technology. All the Big data people from different backgrounds are getting together, discussing and defining the spectrum.

The length of the videos together is also big, more than 110 hours. The best way I found to get the maximum out of this collection was to browse first very quickly to get familiar with the namespace, names of tools, techniques and the companies involved. Watching 5 to 10 mins of every video gives you a good idea about what the talk is going to be. Some presentations are so easy to get started you will want to watch it through to completion while others are slightly difficult to setup. If you know how to setup a virtual machine on your desktop you will get through most of the hands on tutorial series.

After watching the collection my idea of Big data is a little bit of statistics, bit of machine learning,
bit of language processing, some good big data tools, meaningful datasets and Kaggle.


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