My Sudoku Solving Program

If you have not heard about sudoku puzzle, Good for you, you saved a lot of time. Sudokus are interesting puzzles but I spent a little more time on them. I tried to not look at them many times, but I didnot have any other option than spend time solving them on my pocket pc while I was commuting by train to my office. To give a final blow to my habit I wrote a java program that solves the sudoku puzzles. It works pretty good. The jar executable is hosted here. Your system should have a JVM to run the program. After you download it, double click it, fill in the sudoku grid and click solve, It will show the answer to the puzzle. For those interested in Source code, it’s here


  1. […] Anil has extended his thoughts to execution and quenched his thirst by developing a SuDoKu for his personal use and joy. […]

  2. pls send me the JAVA code for solving a SUDOKU

  3. I try to solve hard sudoku puzzles. When I’m stuck I would like someone to look at it and give me just the next number they see that can be filled in and explain why.

    I can send my grid as it is. Who can help me?

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